About “É isso aí”

This blog was designed to show the work of my students who have been taking courses in Portuguese language and linguistics.  Students generally write compositions on certain topics, and are then asked to review video clips of Brazilians who discuss similar topics.  Finally, they record similar topic in a form of a brief skit.


3 Responses to “About “É isso aí””

  1. tudobeleza Says:

    A very interesting set-up here, thank you for the work you’ve put into it. I will certainly pass it along to my readers. Abraços

  2. james Says:

    Simply a fantastic project here. I’m posting some of the student’s videos on my Facebook group page along with a link back to the site.

  3. Orlando Says:

    Thanks James,

    And for other, note that Semantica’s link is listed on my blogroll.


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