Working Portuguese

Welcome to Working Portuguese.  First of all, let’s give you the powerpoint slides that go with each of our lessons.

And here is a document with all of the dialogues that we will ask you to memorize and record.  Please send your recordings as an attachment to my email address:

We’ll kind of make this our home base for the class.




2 Responses to “Working Portuguese”

  1. Jennifer Somaru Says:

    Hi Orlando, I didn’t really find anything particularly confusing. Having already learned Spanish has helped me a lot with recognizing the structure so for now it seems like I need to work more on pronunciation and remembering new vocabulary. Having different forms of words depending on the gender of the speaker is definitely new, and I’m sure I will have more questions as we move along!

  2. Orlando Says:

    Here’s what I know so far:
    1. Meena Dor – Director of Career and Professional Development at UNC. Lived in Austin. Lived and studied in Chicago. Family from India. Likes running, yoga. Speaks Hindi.
    2. Prakash Gajendran – UNC MBA. Learning Portuguese just for the fun of it and may be traveling to São Paulo some day. Has worked with Brazil office of Corning.
    3. Wendell Gilland – At UNC for 17 years as Operations Mang. prof. Has led groups to Brazil 3 times. Connections with GE Healthcare.
    4. Chidinma Iwueke – Columbia. Going to São Paulo with GE Healthcare. Originally from Nigeria. Medical School.
    5. Roy Kerney – At UNC. Has problems getting on to system. Learn more about him later.
    6. Ashish Paul – Maryland MBA, Already participated in Global Project in India.
    7. Christopher Peters – Minn/Wisc 3 years of Spanish, wants to attend world cup in São Paulo. GE project.
    8. Chelsea Rich – GWU MBA, From NY. Global Project with Domino’s Pizza in Porto Alegre.
    9. Jennifer Somaru – SDSU MBA, worked in Cadiz, Spain. Scottish, Indian, Fiji family. Handwriting w/o tears project for special needs.
    10. Dan DeCoan – UNC MBA
    11. Joy Young, Kevin Young’s wife. Proctor & Gamble 6 years, Navy, engineer. 2 kids.

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